Volunteers are an integral part to Brian’s Run being a success and have been a special part of this race from the beginning.   It was a group of volunteers who came together from the community to help out a young man in need.

Volunteers and Community Service groups have been helping this effort for over 35 years. It takes the support of almost 200 volunteers to make sure the race is a success.

Community Service groups come in from all of the local high schools and Fraternities and Sororities at West Chester University.

Brian’s Run brings out the best in people wanting to end a hand and help out this cause.


If you are interested in volunteering, here is what you need to know:

1.  You will have to be at Henderson High School at 11:30 to get your assignment.  Volunteers are used to Marshall the course, to hand out water to runners, and to offer pizza and hot chocolate to racers when they are done.

2. Since this race is in December, it can be COLD out there!! So volunteers need to dress warm.

3. After you register at 11:30, you will be given a Volunteer T shirt and a cowbell. The T-Shirt has 2 purposes: it helps the Race Director know who is helping and it is what can be used to verify your participation in the event (in case your school needs proof). The cowbell is used to help cheer on the runners as the go past (runners love the sound of cowbells!)

4. All volunteers are free to leave after the last runners are done, which is usually by 2:30.

If you would like to volunteer, please email John at briansrun@gmail.com and let him know what school or organization you are from. It is very helpful if you come as a team of a few people or more, so you can then cover a specific section.

Again, it is the volunteers who make this event happen. This year, we are running the race to support Maddie Duffy, a graduate of Rustin High School who was levelly injured in a car accident. Your support of this race is supporting her.

Volunteers          Volunteers